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Lotus Flower Sending Codes

Lotus Flower Sending Codes WIth Coloured Lights:  Rob Buelens

This artwork won a Visual Work of Art Competition , which was run in Ghent in 2011. This involved students from art and technology backgrounds in local higher education institutions working together to produce a work of art for the Technology campus of Kaho Sint-Lieven.

The artwork aims to share the communicative values of the academic institutions with the surrounding world.  The work involves a light spot focussed on the sky which forms a code with colours and intervals in rays of light (like Morse). The code can then be translated into text by those who have the means to decipher it.

The students can use this to send messages into the world which can be read in the night sky. There will be a limited length of each message and they will not be sent ouit every night. The design for the light spot will be the basis for the light spot.

This is a possible version of the code, with every coloured dot representing a short light flash in that colour.





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